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  • Hmm, perhaps I am approaching this from the wrong angle then.

    Remember those categories I mentioned? They have their own page on a site, about the category. And I gave an example of 5 but there’s really like a couple of dozen categories, with a page for each one.
    The way the current website is set up is that the testimonials are manually entered for each page. My thought was that, in a redesign, I could set up a Testimonials custom post type, give each a category, and then just use a page template in conjunction with ACF that would have a section at the bottom saying, “Pull in the testimonials that were selected on this page.” It also would be future-proof, in a way, if I had it set up to display the most recent 3, too; people wouldn’t have to manually go into the page and edit it as they do now.

    But if I have to create a taxonomy template for each of the dozen categories, and then additionally possibly change the URL structuring for them to get pulled in and display properly, that might not be worth all the effort.
    It’s also possible I’m just not following the suggestion, but my thoughts had originally been that I could simply edit a page template — even if it was THE page.php template, with a “if testimonials exist, display them from the selected category here” setup (with subsequent styling). But if making a several dozen templates to correspond to each selection is necessary to proceed, I don’t know if that’s the route to go for efficiency.