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  • Hey John, once again you’ve saved the day. 🙂

    This is what I ended up using. The setTimeout(). And added a check. I was not able to get the onSelect() to work 🙂

    With the code below I was even able to split the validation into two parts! One while editing and one post editing. Nice.

    $input.datepicker().on('input change select', function (e) {
            $this = this;
            // validate "live", directly on change
            // for example, if date end indeed is later than date start
            rtt_validate_datepicker_onChange($this, $input);
            // validate after exiting the field
            // for example, after populating start date AND exiting field, check if end date is empty, if so, than populate it with you desired value
            // Debounce
                // check if your input is still focused. If so, it went back in editing.
                if ( ! $":focus")  ) {
                    // alright, after debounce it is blurred, not focused.
                    // That means we actually left the field. Now it's time for your validation.
                    rtt_validate_datepicker_onBlur($this, $input);
            }, 300);