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  • Thank you for your reply.
    I found that it works when adding the following event to “acf.validation events” on line 12847 of acf-input.js.

      acf.validation = new acf.Model({
        /** @var string The model identifier. */
        id: 'validation',
        /** @var bool The active state. Set to false before 'prepare' to prevent validation. */
        active: true,
        /** @var string The model initialize time. */
        wait: 'prepare',
        /** @var object The model actions. */
        actions: {
          'ready':  'addInputEvents',
          'append': 'addInputEvents'
        /** @var object The model events. */
        events: {
          'click input[type="submit"]': 'onClickSubmit',
          'click button[type="submit"]':  'onClickSubmit',
          'click #save-post':       'onClickSave',
          'mousedown #post-preview':    'onClickPreview', // use mousedown to hook in before WP click event
          'submit form':          'onSubmit',
          'mousedown #custom-preview':    'onClickPreview' // Add New

    However, I didn’t know how to add this process without changing the core file. (I know that filters model.filters exists, but I didn’t know how to write correctly.)
    How can I add events to acf.validation?