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  • Hello.
    Maybe I was not too clear, not my native language, sorry. For some of my requests I was almost sure were possible, so I was asking how to do them easily as I can’t manage too much code, but if you point me to those, maybe I can do it.

    1) I meant if all the ACF are now activated by default as I see in previous versions there were add-ons to activate when needed;

    2-3) i will MANUALLY map form fields–> custom post type fields but I can do it if a settings page or so exists in ACF plugin where I can do it. A connecting feature where I can assign the CPT and its fields have to be transferred coming from front end submitted data through a form. Is there an option, a feature like this? I saw it in another plugin.

    4) I will try with an external importer plugin. If ACF allows it, I’m ok.

    CF 7: I will be very happy if I don’t need it, but is there a section in ACF to do it’ is there a tutorial where I can see how it works?

    Thank you so much for your patience but I’m planning to buy several licenses when I will be able to build correctly this “complete system”, so I can use it for books, jobs, films, real estates … directory sites.