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  • 1) You will need to do a lot of coding of filters make this work.

    2) There isn’t any way to automatically map fields from other plugins to ACF

    3) See the above

    4) ACF does not allow importing. You need to look at an importing plugin like, the pro version includes an ACF add on.

    Outside of your questions, there isn’t a reason to use CF7 for your forms. With ACF you can build front end forms and using the acf/pre_save_post filter you can set new posts as drafts that need to be approved.

    Using another form plugin, the filters involved would be too complicated to go into here and would need to be filters that work for the form plugin you’re using and also save the data in a way that ACF will understand using calls to ACF functions. Is what you want to do possible? Yes, but any way you look at it there will be complex coding involved.