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  • Hi Rociopts,

    Thank you for taking out time and responding back. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. Here is what I did:

    1) Copy single.php file from parent theme (genesis to child theme (business pro)
    2) Copied the 1st code excerpt you provided and pasted it before “genesis();” in the single.php file which now exists in child theme.
    3)Then I copied the 2nd part of code and pasted it in the same file.
    4) I replaced the content between strong tags with the acf code that I have posted in my 1st comment which starts like this *** Predefined Custom Fields ***/

    Just to give you a complete picture here is some further info
    – Business pro is my child theme while genesis is parent theme.
    – I am just trying to add an acf repeater field which includes a color picker and an editor for description.
    – These repeater fields are required on all PAGES. By pages I mean the PAGES that you see on the left sidebar of wordpress dashboard. These are different from POSTS which are blogs etc.

    Once again highly appreciate your effort.