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  • I have similar problem but with the content more field

    I set up some title content and content more row, but the content more datas does not appear on my page. Could You please help me why?

    Unfortunately I am not proficient in programming, but i think i found the relevant code:

    “<? elseif (get_row_layout() == ‘content_more’): // layout: Content more ?>
    <div class=”content_more anim_long row_content_<? echo $i; ?>”>
    <div class=”content_wrapper hide”>
    <? the_sub_field(‘content_more’); ?>
    ” href=”javascript:void(0)”>Read the full story
    </div>” admin/page admin/acf field groups

    The title and the content fields are appearing fine on the homepage (after the age verification). And there is the content more field, what should appear when You click on the “read the full story” button. But if You click the button nothing happening.

    The site:

    Thanks for your answer!
    Best regards