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  • A POST request with a good nonce, the action acf/validate_save_post and the fields data return valuable informations.

    nonce: acf.o.nonce,
    action: 'acf/validate_save_post',
    acf[field_id1...]: 'value on the input field_id1...',
    acf[field_id2...]: 'value on the input field_id2...'

    I’ve used it that way :

    $("#validation-button").click( function(e) {
    function validateACFinputs(form_data) {
       var data = {
          nonce: acf.o.nonce,
          action: "acf/validate_save_post",
          post_id: acf.o.post_id };
       for (const i in form_data) {
          data[form_data[i].name] = form_data[i].value;
          my_ajax_obj.ajax_url, data,
          function(result) {
             errors =
             if (errors === 0) {
                // Code for success
             } else {
                // Code for fail

    (my_ajax_obj.ajax_url contains the url of admin-ajax.php, if you don’t know what it is, please read the WordPress documentation about admin-ajax.php)

    Notes :

    • A lazy/inefficient way to display acf errors is to do a .checkValidity() on one of the input, because it seems to cast the whole ACF validation process.
    • To verify required but empty fields you need to do it another way, I would suggest the use of checkValidity().
    • I may have seen a way to add errors with the Javascript object acf but I haven’t tried it yet.

    This remains incomplete compared to the classical behavior when you click on the submit…