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  • Hey Elliot,
    I am sorry is this issue still open? can you please explain in details? sorry I am not able to get the draft and publish part to work 🙁

    I have managed to create a frontend form template using this tutorial,

    currently this works likes this:-
    When author click submit, it creates a posts and sets it as a draft status and the admin have to set the post to publish then author can edit the post in the front end. Which is ok for the published posts.

    What I want is just a bit more added to this functionality. I want when the author submits the posts, he should be able to edit the posts in draft status and also be able to publish it or make it a draft again.

    Can you please explain how can I achieve this? I see that you have mentioned of GET param ?update={$draft_id} on page template(where author submits the posts) I am not sure how to do this,

    For the 2nd part changing the posts status from draft to publish or vice versa I have created a radio button to toggle between ‘draft’ and ‘publish’ but again i am not able to place them in right place to make it work 🙁

    Your help would be highly appreciated 🙂