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  • I have the same problem. ACF pro 5.7.0 and previous version too. Website with WPML :

    I can pick the date and publish and it is saved correctly in the database…
    but when the edit (admin) page is reloaded while publishing, I get today’s date in the datepickers.
    So if I don’t pay attention and edit something else, the today’s date wipes out the date I had chosen the first time and my custom post start and end dates become today.

    Both start_date and end_date date fields currently have custom Ymd display format and 20180723 returnformat… because I was trying to debug a order by date query, and I thought there was a problem with american or french format : 31/12/2018 or 2018/12/31 or something like that. Values in database are 20181231. A forum post suggests increasing php.ini but not sure it’s relevant