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  • I had to rework my code and use some of new 5.7 JavaScript APIs. For example they changed acf.prepare_for_ajax to acf.prepareForAjax. The way the data element is constructed also need changing as well as abandoning the acf.ajax.extend methodology.

    Below is an attempt to rewrite your example using what I did as a basis. I make no guarantees that all my changes will make your example work, but they got my code back up and running. Hope it helps. I also left both the ready and change events in there in case people wanted to use e.type to branch the code based on the event type.

        if (typeof acf == 'undefined') { return; }
          var acf_field = acf.getField('field_56e1cf2e7ad26');
          acf_field.on("change ready", function(e){
            // bail early if no ajax
            if( !acf.get('ajax') ) return;
            // abort XHR if it's already running
            if( this.request ) {
            // set the ajax action that's set up in php
            var data  =  { 
                action: 'get_sub_terms',
                key_name: acf_field.val(); //The key_name needs to be the name of the parameter in your action
            this.request = $.ajax({
              url:    acf.get('ajaxurl'),  // ajax url, acf already sets this
              data:    acf.prepareForAjax(data), // another included acf function
              type:    'post', // posted values, look at $_POST in your php ajax action function
              dataType:  'json', // how we want the date returned
              success: function( json ){
                // get the field we want to populate
                var $select = $('.acf-field-56e2b71dde0c5 select');
                // this stores the currenlty selected value in that field
                // so that we can mark it as selected, this is important when loading
                // and exsiting post
                var $selected = $select.val();
                // clear all of the exsiting options from the field
                // rebuild the child select field
                $select.append('<option data-i="" selected="selected" value="">- Select -</option>');
                var count = json.length;
                for (i=0; i<count; i++) {
                  var $item = '<option value="'+json[i]['value']+'"'
                  if ($selected == json[i]['value']) {
                    $item += ' selected="selected"';
                  $item += '>'+json[i]['label']+'</option>';
            }); // end ajax
          // trigger the ready action to load the field
          // this is important for existing posts