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  • If the field group did not exist before the import then you can’t make these fields appear by creating a new field group.

    And it appears that the fields were not imported to the taxonomy/terms but were imported to the posts. This is why the values do not appear when editing the product category. Since these values are not associated with the term you cannot make them appear in the admin. Quite honestly, I don’t know how they are appearing in the front end.

    Importing into a term is a special process

    in your code

    global $woocommerce, $woocommerce_loop, $product;
    $category = get_queried_object();
    $ct = $category->name;
    $catid = $category->term_id;
    the_field('description', $catid); ?>

    the value of $catid is wrong. In order to get a value from a field for the term it would need to be the_field('description', 'term_'.$catid); so what you are actually seeing on the front end is the values in post meta that are related to a post with the ID that is equal to whatever that the ID of the term is.

    There really isn’t an easy solution to this if there is a solution at all. If there is I can’t think of one.