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  • HI John,
    That is great, but now how do I loop through the ACF input/textarea fields within that row? In the example:

    acf.add_action('append', function( $el ){
    	// $el will be equivalent to the new element being appended $('tr.row')
    	// find a specific field
    	var $field = $el.find('#my-wrapper-id');
    	// do something to $field

    I do not understand the $el.find(‘#my-wrapper-id’);. I do not know what the ID of this new row is.

    I was trying to do $el.each(‘input’) or something like that and couldn’t get this to work.

    After a second or whatever, then newly-created row seems to have an ID of sizzle1529351842030 and when you create another row, the previous sizzle-row loses its ID, and so on. Where does the “sizzle” get its numeric portion (1529351842030)? Is that related to the ACF internal ID or is it just a timestamp?

    So what I would like is a way to access all of the ACF inputs/text areas, buttons, selects, on that new row, as I want to populate it dynamically. Also, I am unsure how to set the contents of an ACF wysiwyg (tinymce) field.