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  • So there is another purpose other than display.

    So here’s the thing. If this is an old site then you need something that does what you want done, that is read through existing posts and update values.

    But if this is a new site, I think that it may be overcompensated.

    Let me see if I understand this correctly.

    1) There is a parent page for a “Provider”
    2) People can submit reviews for this “Provider”
    3) Somehow the “Provider” page is updated with the average of all reviews
    4) Each “Provider” has multiple “Packages”
    5) When the average number on the “Provider” is updated then this average needs to be added to all “Packages” from that provider.

    If this is correct.

    Where, when, and how is the “Average” rating updated on the “Provider” post?