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  • i did resolved it. Now user can not choose the start date greater than end date. I simply add a function in my functions.php file.

    //  Date Picker Validation --- Start Date should be less than End Date.
        add_action('acf/validate_save_post', 'my_acf_validate_save_post', 10, 0);
        function my_acf_validate_save_post()
            $start = $_POST['acf']['key of datepicker 1'];
            $start = new DateTime($start);
            $end = $_POST['acf']['key of datepicker 2'];
            $end = new DateTime($end);
            // check custom $_POST data
                if ($start > $end) {
                    acf_add_validation_error('name of datepicker field you want to display error message. ', 'End Date should be greater than or Equal to Start Date');

    In this i have select two datepicker and then converted them to date format then compared them as you can see above.

    * You can get key of ACF field from sreen option and then selecting field keys
    * You can select the name of the field by inspecting in chrome and selecting the datepicker input field.