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  • Yep, I don’t think it has ever existed. I can’t add it but I can give you some information on the field.

    The user field returns either an user object that is the same as what is returned by get_userdata()

    Or it returns an array that is constructed by using that information

    $value = array(
      'ID'        => $user_id,
      'user_firstname'  => $wp_user->user_firstname,
      'user_lastname'    => $wp_user->user_lastname,
      'nickname'      => $wp_user->nickname,
      'user_nicename'    => $wp_user->user_nicename,
      'display_name'    => $wp_user->display_name,
      'user_email'    => $wp_user->user_email,
      'user_url'      => $wp_user->user_url,
      'user_registered'  => $wp_user->user_registered,
      'user_description'  => $wp_user->user_description,
      'user_avatar'    => get_avatar( $user_id ),

    And it returns either a single user or an array of users depending on the “Multiple” setting.