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  • My question is: How could I manipulate the information. Ex:
    If the biography does not exist, how could I type it manually? I wanted to save this data received within acf. I can display all the information perfectly. However, I can not manipulate and edit the data I received. Can you point the way?

    //field is ID
    $url = ''.get_field('api').'?api_key=f16d933a3e68465c1ef9a4a82b41a2d5&language=pt-BR';
    $contents = file_get_contents($url);
    $personname = $person->name; 
    $biography = $person->biography;
    echo $personname . "<br>";
    echo "<img src='" . $profile_path ."'/ >";
    echo $biography = the_field('biography');