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  • I have no other plugins running, only acf & stock wp.

    my template src:

    <?php acf_register_form(array(
    	'id'		=> 'save_meeting',
    	'post_id'	=> 'new_post',
    	'new_post'	=> array(
    		'post_type'		=> 'termin_type',
    		'post_status'	=> 'publish'
    	'post_title'=> true,
    	'post_content'=> false,
    )); ?>
    	<?php acf_form("save_meeting"); ?>

    Its just an custom type with some acf elements.
    I know that the color-picker works in back-end & all other acf elements also on front-end. (E.g. date-time, post-object, map)
    acf: 5.6.10 – git src
    wp: 4.9.6
    I also downgraded to an old acf version, but same result. I dont include any other resources manually.