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  • Hey Patrick, thanks for your reply.
    I don’t get what you mean with “you don’t have to enter the actor names twice”. I think, there is a missunderstanding.

    I have only ONE taxonomy term with the actor name. It belongs to the pages, which I use for movies. I add the taxonomy terms for “actor” only on the movie pages via a meta box.

    On the other hand I have a CPT called “Actors”, where I create profile posts of all actors, (Actor name as title/slug) – but here I DON’T have a taxonomy/meta box called “Actors”. On the actor cpt post (in the example above it would be a post with the title/slug “John Wayne”) I only grap the existing taxonomy term “John Wayne” (the one I have added on all movie pages where John Wayne is in the cast) via the ACF taxonomy field, to show all movies, where the taxonomy “John Wayne” was added/choosen in the meta box of the movie page. Only ONE taxonomy term “John Wayne” exists and belongs to the (movie) pages.

    But the last step does not work. I can only display the taxonomy term (which is in this case totaly pointless), but not the movies where the term was added/choosen/associated.