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  • I’m sure it’s possible, but it’s not something that I’ve done or seen asked here. You’re looking to do an import. Imports are not extremely easy and importing to ACF makes it more complicated. On top of this you want to enter a value in one field and then have all the others dynamically populated, this means that you need to add AJAX on top of the import in order to get the values for the other fields and show them. It would simply be much easier to use the import plugin with the ACF add on in the Pro version and import them all at once. Since there is a URL you can even set it up to do the import once a day or as frequently as you expect the output of the url to change. I do a lot of coding, but I would need a really good reason to do this on my own rather than using an available tool I know can do the job, and probably much better than I can.