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  • There isn’t a way that I know of to filter a post object field based on a selection in another field or fields, at least not built into ACF. A post object field is a select2 field and the contents of this field are generated by an AJAX request. Information from other fields is not sent in that AJAX request. There might be a way to alter the alter the request, but nothing that I can remember has ever been posted here about how to do it and I have not been able to figure that out. If you can figure out how to alter this AJAX request then you could use to get the additional information from the request ($_POST) and alter the query.

    More than likely, if I needed to do this in a hurry I would use a basic select field rather than a post object field and I’d build custom JavaScript and a custom AJAX function to allow me to filter the list shown in this field. I have an example of this here