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  • Dear John. I would so much like to check out your script. I have some questions re. your setup. Are all the fields in one custom field group? Are there one or two post types? Is it correct that for the first part of the .js the $field_key and var $post_object_field has same value and for the other part they do not?

    $field_key = ‘field_59d246273950f’;
    var $post_object_field = ‘field_59d246273950f’;

    var $image_field = ‘field_59d2468639510’;
    var $title_field = ‘field_59d246ae39511’;
    var $excerpt_field = ‘field_59d246bc39512’;

    var $field_key = ‘field_59d2427e6ff62’;
    var $post_object_field = ‘field_59d242a16ff63’;

    var $image_field = ‘field_59d2446e6ff64’;
    var $title_field = ”;
    var $excerpt_field = ‘field_59d244af6ff66’;

    My goal is to have a ”CTA” post type with standard ”call to action” sentences in 5 languages. In my main post type a have 5 repeaters. When I select a sentence in in Danish in the first, I want the translations of that sentence inserted in the corresponding fields in the 4 repeaters below. I hope I can learn the basics og getting your script going.