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  • Sorry about rehashing a bunch of old crap 🙂

    I can’t really say much when it comes to development of the plugin, only the developer can answer that question and that’s really not going to happen here. Not everyone may be aware of this, but the developer doesn’t look at these forums much. He depends on me and any other volunteers to help other users. Main reason is that with with the number of questions here, if he tried to keep up with it, there would never be any improvements in the plugin.

    For me personally, I don’t see the never ending increase in unused data. I build sites in a dev environment. If I want to test something out I do so in a testing environment before adding it to a site. I almost never delete a field once I’ve created it. The only “excess” data that I see on some sites happens when someone changes an option that triggers conditional fields. When posts/users/terms are deleted, WP handles the deletion of the meta data associated with it. If you do delete a field data will never be save to that field again so that shouldn’t cause any excess unused data. I’m not at all sure where or why others would have problems with all this excess unused data is in the database.