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  • @hube2
    Totally understand what you are saying.. but the problem still persists. And we are not talking about something “cosmetic” that can just be overlooked. The amount of leftover unused data in the DB increases and increases and increases forever.

    There are some key words.. unused data and increases forever. That alone should make this a priority.

    I’m pretty sure that EARLY in development this was noticed, begs the question, “Why wasn’t it addressed then?”
    And regardless of the answer to that.. KNOWING this unused data remains and increases, while not being addressed with a fix, rather the whole plugin needs to be re-developed or not.. is mind-boggling!

    Like you said in your comment, “Let say that you have a really large site of 10,000 posts”… Imagine the DB bloat making edits to this over time will create! Imagine this same site being a client of yours, and that client asks you why all of this unused data is just sitting here?