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  • I’ve been using ACF for a long time, I wouldn’t build a WP site without it, but I do a lot of customization, like in the example above, to make it more usable for clients… or I should say, so that I don’t have to explain things to clients. The one thing that ACF has is enough filter hooks so that anything it does not do, it can be made to do. I guess that I’ve just been digging around in the ACF code for so long that adding filters comes as natural to me as using get_field()

    You can submit it as a feature request, but I wouldn’t do it here. Anyone’s best bet at getting the developers attention it to open a new support ticket, but like you say, I also see things from the code/developer side of the equation. I can see how this might make it more usable under some conditions, but I also see how much work it would be to add it.

    I’m pretty much the main person that looks at these boards and answers questions on a regular basis, though there are some other people that answer questions at times, and I thank them a lot for the help. However, this is a user support forum and you’re only going to get replies from other users. Eliot, the actual dev of ACF, doesn’t actually come here often if at all. If he looked at every topic in these forums there would never be any progress made with ACF.

    Not sure what it was about the last update that has you more interested.