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  • Hi,

    I’m not sure why this is marked as solved, when it’s not.

    However, I’m creating a website that’s 100% modular, done with Flexible Content.

    I have Pages such as:

    Home, About, Services, Blog, Portfolio, Contact
    All of those pages styled using Flexible Content, these are PAGES.

    I have created a custom field for Services and Portfolio, and I used WP Query to display each individal item. These are CUSTOM fields. Show this field group if post type to Services. Not a page.

    So when you click it, what happens you go to single-[custom-post-type].php, however I just have single.php to keep it dynamic, which works.

    The problem lays that when I have showed the flexible content page templates in the Services or Portfolio, and I add few items, I need go to every single item and set the layout.

    How can I do so the layout stays all the same in Service or Portfolio custom field?

    We need to be able to use ACF Flexible content to modify the look for single-services.php page, or single-portfolio.php page, and all of them need to reflect to be identical.

    So if I set a certain layout on one service item, it should be like that on all service items. Same with portfolio.

    Here I have the code, but I don’t think it matters –