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  • Thanks for this !
    I use that and problem is solved !

    					// vars	
    					$place = get_field('lieu');
    					// check
    					if( $place && in_array('maintenon', $place) ): ?>
    					<span class="label label-primary labellieu">Château de Maintenon</span>
    					<?php elseif( $place && in_array('archives', $place) ):?>
    					<span class="label label label-warning labellieu">Archives départementales</span>
    					<?php elseif( $place && in_array('compa', $place) ):?>
    					<span class="label label label-danger labellieu">Le Compa</span>
    					<?php elseif( $place && in_array('classe', $place) ):?>
    					<span class="label label-success labellieu">Dans la classe</span>
    					<?php endif; ?>