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  • I want to help you but your English is not optimal so it’s hard to understand at some points.

    If you have a field for taxonomy, it returns should return either an object or a taxonomy id. So if you echo $row[‘term_link’] it will not be a link, but an object or an ID.

    So instead of $row[‘term_link’] it should be get_permalink($row[‘term’]) (to create a link out of the returned value).

    “I left without filling the taxonomy, of course nothing will appear, but the content with the images of the gallery appears normally.”

    If you leave out the taxonomy selector, the rest should still show since they’re not depending on each other (as far as I can see in your code).

    I think it would be a lot easier if I could look at (all) your code. If you’re online, contact me through my website, maybe I can help you out. Might go faster than this.