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  • I tried putting it in row to draw a conclusion. Simply the content filled it out, and all the content below in the first image. However, in the second image, I left without filling the taxonomy, of course nothing will appear, but the content with the images of the gallery appears normally. Is it some taxonomy bug? I’m just finding problem with this code, above. You sent me the term_id | object should I create a while for this?

     <?php $rows = get_field('actor');
                    echo '<ol class="people scroller">';
                        foreach($rows as $row){
                           echo '<li class="card"><a href='. $row['term_link'] .'><img width="138px" height="175px"  class=" profile fade lazyautosizes lazyloaded" src=' . $row['image-profile'] . ' alt=' . $row['primeiro_nome'] . '> </a><p><a href='. $row['term_link'] .'>'. $row['primeiro_nome'] . ' ' . $row['ultimo_nome'] . '</a></p><p class="character"> ' . $row['personagem_atual'] . '</p></li>';
                        echo '</ol>';