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  • Thank you so much for your help!

    Yes, “offers” is a CPT.
    I show them all to the user in list on a page.
    I’d like to let the user click a button on an offer to select it to be archived, at which point the offer is removed from the page. (I haven’t decided if I want to use AJAX for that or a simple form submission.)
    My original thought was that the user meta data would store the offer’s post ID, and the archive value for that offer post id.
    Then I could filter the offers by those meta data records.

    If I understand your code correctly, I would be saving an array of offer IDs in the user meta and then use that array to exclude the offers?
    Makes sense, but may also become unruly if the list of offers become very large. Which it probably will. Which, I suppose my plan would too, since I would have new records for each archived offer.

    I’ve worked a lot with WP, but never manipulated user meta before, so this is new to me.