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  • I winded up getting rid of clones ALTOGETHER. They caused a lot more issues then I would have expected. I instead wound up creating more nested flexibles by making copies and moving them to the other areas and renaming them.

    This actually then created a whole issue of itself as too many requests were being made to the DB so trying to load the dashboard for changes is extremely slow.

    It didn’t wind up effecting the front end though so we are going to roll with it for now and then redo the setup so that less queries are made.

    I made the mistake of making my modules their own grid containers rather then making a section that determine the grid first and then drops code into it. Swapping that around will cut down the code by about 66 percent or more.

    So it wound up being

    Bring up a list of Layouts
    Choose Layout X
    Layout X loops through and allows for you to grab the initial list to embed in there but runs a script to check which one is being currently called so it can’t call itself and create an infinite loop.