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  • With acf javascript hooks, it’s now easy to save zoom.
    All you have to do is to put in your admin JS :

    ;(function($) {
    if ( typeof acf != 'undefined' ) {
        // Save Google Map zoom
        acf.add_action( 'google_map_init', function( map, marker, $field ) {
          // Create input to save zoom
          if ( $field.find( '.acf-hidden .input-zoom' ).length === 0 ) {
            $field.find( '.acf-hidden' ).append( '<input name="acf['+$'key')+'][zoom]" value="'+$field.find('[data-zoom]').data('zoom')+'" class="input-zoom" type="hidden">' );
          // Listen for zoom change
          google.maps.event.addListener( map, 'zoom_changed', function( e ) {
            this.$el.find('.input-zoom').val( this.getZoom() ).trigger('change');
          } );

    No need to code extra PHP.
    I’m sure you can also easily save map type.