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  • I completely get the “changing requirements”, it happens all the time here as well. And then there are times when the requirements are simply not clear enough. It may be possible, but only by adding code that would alter what ACF is doing in the JS. I know that ACF does this for some fields. For example, conditional fields that are hidden are not submitted, so there must be a mechanism for not sending all fields already……

    Sorry, A light bulb just went off in my head.

    A true false field “Edit this section”
    All fields in the section are only shown if this field is “True”
    Once clicked and/or any field in the section is edited the True/False field is disabled in some way.
    Since ACF does not submit conditional fields, any sections not set to be edited would not be submitted.

    That’s not really a complete idea or solution, but I’m sure it’s achievable and with a lot less coding, not that I’m sure of what coding would be needed.