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  • Hi John,

    thank you so much for your quick reply.

    Writing a theme is as with every other software project: It grows and can become a “monster” (Thinking of Lehman’s Laws …). I get what you are saying and it was never intended to be this big. Requirements change over time and that can become difficult.

    So the best bet would be to rebuild the logic of my theme.

    There seem to be some tools that help in refactoring:

    I am going to give that a try.

    Still open for tricks or links if anyone has ideas 🙂


    Just a thought:
    I have no experience with writing a plugin as huge as ACF and I can only wonder:
    Would it be possible to track if a field has been changed with JS and sent only that change out for saving separately? Like, doing this on my own on top of ACF?
    (I get that circumventing the WP save routine is not a good idea for the consistency of the DB.)

    PS: For anyone interested – here some info on how to move fields to other post