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  • If I’m understanding correctly, you are putting this all on an options page. This is probably the wrong way to do this.

    As I see it, you should have multiple custom post types, this is a good tool for adding post types

    I would add the following post types

    • Tornament
    • Team
    • Player

    There may be others, but that’s where I’d start.

    I probably can’t give you a lot of advice from there, the documentation here on showing content on the front end is good and includes everything you need. WP has documentation on creating custom templates for these post types. What you’re building is a pretty complicated system and it would take a lot to explain all the details of how I’d go from there.

    Yes, I would use ACF for storing the custom data for each post type, but I would not use ACF to build the parts, this is something that should be done using custom post types and maybe custom taxonomies. Then you can use relationship fields, and post object field to built the relationships between the parts.