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  • After a bit more mucking about I can clarify the issue a bit.

    • When I save ($_POST data) the DB entry is escaped like: "><script Src=&quot;//;> …so working as intended, I’m guessing
      I had a html_entity_decode in my code, which was a bit dumb for several reasons and I removed that
    • My acf_form modified the post title and I was using get_the_title() to render it on one page; this was somehow reversing my escaped entities (so I switched it to $post->post_title instead)

    So I guess as a summary:

    • wp_kses works great with acf_form by stripping out the unwanted stuff when the html is correctly formed (i.e. <script src="//"></script>)
    • however, when the html is malformed (i.e. "><script src="//"<>>), particular care has to be on how the stored value is rendered to make sure that the scripts aren’t getting decoded along with other entities that a developer may actually want to decode;
      • I realize that this is mostly up to the developer and not so much a plugin issue, but I do think it’s an important issue to raise/be cognizant of.
      • I may try to write a custom filter pattern to strip out strings that match script src= bit stead of the script ‘tags’ themselves (please see below)

    A new question:

    would it be possible to run something like a preg_replace for a pattern matching script src= on all fields using something like acf/save_post; any ideas on a best approach to this? …maybe something like:

    function ns_kses_post( $value ) {
    	// is array
    	if( is_array($value) ) {
    		return array_map('ns_kses_post', $value);
    	// strip out potentially malformed/unclosed scripts for XSS prevention
    	$search = array('/script.*src=.*\/\/.*\.js/');
    	$replace = __('[Removed for security]','acf');
    	$replace_value = preg_replace($search,$replace,$value);
    		$replace_value = str_replace('<','<',$replace_value);
    		$replace_value = str_replace('>','&rt;',$replace_value);
    		$value = $replace_value;
    	// return
    	return wp_kses_post( $value );
    add_filter('acf/update_value', 'ns_kses_post', 10, 1);