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  • Hi @hube2,

    Thanks, this was helpful.

    I need to rephrase my issue and explain it a bit better.

    I need to show an ACF form on the front-end to add/edit posts of custom type “Application”. Fields “Job” and “Company” are pre-selected and must be always blocked or marked as read-only (user can’t change them), but I don’t know how I can do it with a Post Object field type (and whether it’s possible at all).

    I tried smth like this:

    acf.add_action('select2_init', function($input, args, settings, $field){
    	if ($field.hasClass('application-job')) {
    		args.disabled = true;
    		settings.disabled = true;
    		args.readonly = true;
    		settings.readonly = true;

    Unfortunately, none of this worked.

    On the back-end fields “Job” and “Company” must be enabled and required so an administrator cannot leave them empty.

    If you have an idea how I can reach this goal, please share 🙂

    As the last possible (alternative) solution I can do the following:

    Create another fields group, where both Post Object fields are replaced by Text fields. Text fields can be made read-only very easily. This field group will be shown only on the front-end.

    And my task would be just to synchronize them on post update.