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  • I’ve rewrote my function tax_get_field_data another way:

    function taz_get_field_data($shortcodeID){
    	if (class_exists('acf')){
    		if (have_rows('taz_features')){
    			$counter = 0;
    			while (have_rows('taz_features')){
    				if ($counter === $shortcodeID){
    					return get_row(true);
    	} else {
    		error_log("taz_get_field_data(): ACF Plugin is not available.");
    		return null;

    Since the_row is not formatted, I was hoping for the best and did my formatting only on the wanted row with get_row(true).
    Sadly, even if I don’t have an infinite loop anymore, the result is messed up.
    get_row(), as get_field() are parsing the included shortcodes [taz_features] shortcode! Why??? Why “format_value” cares of “do_shortcode”.
    I’m missing the ability to format the array, to get [content] key rather than [field_583b166074db8_field_57e024d987a79], but I don’t need the actual value to be parsed. This, I’ll take care later on my code.

    Any idea?