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  • Hi @phire_johng

    Thanks for the email,
    Elliot here – ACF dev​​​.

    Sorry to hear about the issue.
    I have recently fixed a few conditional logic problems with the 5.6.6 update.

    I have pushed a hotfix for this issue.

    Can you please re-download the ACF PRO plugin files and test the issue.
    An easy way to re-download is to edit the main acf.php plugin file and change the version number ‘5.6.6’ down to ‘5.6.5’
    – please note the version number appears twice in this file and both will need to be changed
    – after this change is made, please update the plugin as per normal and it will update to 5.6.6 (including the new fix)

    Please be sure to hard refresh your browser to clear cached JS.

    Let me know how you go