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  • I’ve been using ACF since the first version and do not want to miss it anymore and Elliot is really doing a good job.

    But the new version with the Accordion feature disappoints me a little bit:

    1. The core Accordion field is called with the same class name as the plugin
    Accordion Tab Field, which has been available for a long time (4000+ active installations). The result is that after updating to the new ACF version, should the Accordion plugin be active, WordPress will stop working with a Fatal error!

    And the new Accordion field is using the same field name as the plugin.

    Even customizing the class name in the Accordion Tab Field plugin would not solve the problem, since the field name is the same. Thus, fields previously assigned to the Accordion of the plugin would now be mapped to the core accordion. The result: The fields do not work anymore!

    The plugin should also be known to Elliot and he should have taken more care here and choose a different class name / field name so that this error does not occur!

    2. That the new core Accordion does not work in tabs is incomprehensible. Even with the idea of implementing such a function, one would have to come up with the idea that this function will also be used in tabs. And the Accordion plugin shows clearly that it is possible.

    Why did not you contact the developer of the Accordion plugin and talk about taking this feature into the core of ACF? That would have saved everyone a lot of trouble. Why is a new feature not tested with all other modules (especially the tabs)?

    Fact no. 1 should be solved very quickly, because the update of ACF would break all sites using the Accordion Tab Field plugin!!!

    I hope the new Accordion function is revised very quickly, so that we could work with it reasonably.

    Excuse my harsh words, but I had to get rid of that.