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  • Thanks very much for the quick reply! If you don’t mind, I just need a little further clarification and then I think I will understand…

    Let’s use your example and say that instead of naming my fields “clone_field” and “text_field”, I named both of them “text_field”. I do not use Prefix Field. Also, I do not have multiple clone fields on the page, just the one clone field called “text_field”. Will I still get a name conflict because I have named my clone field the same name as the field I cloned (both called “text_field”)? Seems like that is what was happening to me.

    And then the other clarification I’m looking for, using the same scenario above, if I do name the field being cloned “text_field” and the clone field “clone_field”, in the template do I use get_field( ‘text_field’ )? I think this is actually what worked for me, I was just confused because after going through ACF documentation I was thinking I would use get_field( ‘clone_field’ ).

    Hopefully my question is clear and not confusing! Thanks in advance for taking the time to help me!