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  • Yes this is still wanted. Recently had another large batch of websites lose their license keys. The custom code I previously used to reapply license keys stopped working. I assume something changed with the way ACF Pro activate license keys. I was able to get working by updating the custom code to match the code within ACF Pro itself.

    // Check if ACF is running
    if ( is_plugin_active( 'advanced-custom-fields-pro/acf.php' ) ) {
      // Loads ACF plugin
      include_once( ABSPATH . 'wp-content/plugins/advanced-custom-fields-pro/acf.php');
      // connect
      $post = array(
        'acf_license'	=> "ACF_PRO_KEY",
        'acf_version'	=> acf_get_setting('version'),
        'wp_name'			=> get_bloginfo('name'),
        'wp_url'			=> home_url(),
        'wp_version'	=> get_bloginfo('version'),
        'wp_language'	=> get_bloginfo('language'),
        'wp_timezone'	=> get_option('timezone_string'),
      // connect
      $response = acf_updates()->request('v2/plugins/activate?p=pro', $post);
      // ensure response is expected JSON array (not string)
      if( is_string($response) ) {
        $response = new WP_Error( 'server_error', esc_html($response) );
      // success
      if( $response['status'] == 1 ) {
        acf_pro_update_license( $response['license'] ); // update license
      echo $response['message']; // show message

    Also wrote some code to make this automatically update after using a WP-CLI search-replace command. That’s typically where I’m seeing the license keys drop.