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  • Thank you for your response! The main group is a transaction for real estate. I have dozens of fields about the transaction and one of the fields is a commission repeater to add each agent and their commission for this particular transaction. I plan to calculate it by default (which is a different topic), but right now I’m focused on a number field. I would need to update the calculation in many cases, anyway, as commissions have a default, but vary for all sorts of reasons on individual transactions.

    So, I have a repeater and I need a row for each user who is the type, “editor”. I would not want to add the rows, if there are already rows in the repeater. (As you said, I wouldn’t want to add users to a transaction a year from now when the users have changed and the transaction already has users with commissions assigned.)

    From your post, I don’t understand how the value works. It seems as though I have to define each possible row explicitly, rather than grab the users, dynamically. Can you help me understand?