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  • Hi,

    I tried both solutions, Rob’s one works, but John’s one doesn’t.
    I thought it was a problem in rendering/loading the google_map field/value,
    so I’ve tried update_value on a basic ACF text field, passing its $value to another ACF field, but nothing happens.
    I’ve tried overriding the returned $value as in docs usage example and it fires only when I save the post (publish or update – so I don’t get the difference with save_post action).
    As far as it regards:

    do something else to the $post object via the $post_id

    neither ACF update_field nor WP update_post_meta seems to work.

    So, hooking WP save_post does the job, but I wonder if there’s a way to dynamically update ACF fields while updating other ACF field value.