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  • There are multiple recent sources saying it does improve security, including a VERY big company behind Plesk and highly rated plugin developers like WMUDEV.

    I read you article and while it seems correct there is a litte point they’ve missed: the possibility for SQL injection does not mean they can output contents of the database. They can change the content but not extract data. Also, there are a lot script kiddies around that run automated scripts that are hardcoded with the ‘WP_’ prefix to check if SQL injection works.

    I agree, it doesn’t guarantee anything but no security ever will.. All you can do is put in as much fences to block an attacked that make you feel are a contribution to a safer enviroment and worth the effort. It doesn’t harm anything to change the prefix but possibly blocks some hackingactivity that otherwise would’ve been successfull…

    Anyhow 🙂 I couldn’t quite manage to get the adminmenu running when manually changing the prefix, some records also needed to be updated. In the end I installed the plugin DEFENDER which also has the option to change the databaseprefix. When I used that option all kept working with an altered databaseprefix. I never had any problem before using the Plesk option to change the prefix and the only thing not working that I could see were the custom fields…