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  • gummi,
    Thanks! I’ll check out your solutions for 1 & 2 today.

    # 3 Clarification
    I am not sure I understand your question either! Let me give more detail. 😉

    To keep this simple for the client to edit, the Menu sections are individual posts:
    Custom Post Type = Lunch > Posts: Appetizers, Salads, Platters, etc. This seemed the most basic editing structure for the client.

    The idea being through displaying a simple archive page, Menus are built by listing the articles and their respective content.

    The posts(menu sections) are composed only of the WordPress Title and a Repeater Field.

    The respective repeater field in each article is named the same as the article title:

    • Appetizer (title) > appetizer (repeater_field_name)
      Salads (title) > salads (repeater_field_name)
      Platters (title) > platter (repeater_field_name)

    So essentially I am trying to save some code using one section block in the archive template thus insuring the menus are built dynamically, requiring no code editing in the template, by the client if they add or delete sections.

    If there is not a way to custom render the Repeater Field Name in this section block of code, of course I will have to build multiple loops calling individual articles in a page template type structure.

    Does that help?

    Thanks again for your input!