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  • You can use the prepare_field filter for that:

    add_filter('acf/prepare_field/type=select', 'add_that_all_option');
    function add_that_all_option($field) {
        if (strpos($field['wrapper']['class'], 'acf-need-to-add-all-option') === false) {
            return $field;
        $field['choices'] = array_merge(['' => 'All'], $field['choices']);
        return $field;

    Note that acf/prepare_field/type=select filter will affect all the select field. That’s why the function first check if the field has the class ‘acf-need-to-add-all-option’ (you can rename it to whatever you want). So, the ‘All’ choices will only be prepend if you added the class in the field setting.

    If this thing only needs to happen to 1 field, you can use these filters instead:
    acf/prepare_field/name=YOUR_FIELD_NAME or acf/prepare_field/key=YOUR_FIELD_KEY