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  • Hello again, John.

    I’ve tried the code you posted in my functions.php file with no luck. That actually broke the submittal process entirely—basically causing the submittal form/page to refresh with not even the fields native fields retained.

    Next, I tried adding acf_form_head() to both my theme (Avada) and plugin (Events Calendar) template files, per the suggestion of the dev at TEC, the thread found here in it’s entirety:

    I looked around a bit and might have found something that could help.

    There is a template file,


    which you can override (=> Themer’s Guide), that has a ‘get_header()’ in it.

    For this template to work you will need to have the setting Events > Settings > Display tab > Events Tempate > Default Events Template.

    If you want to use the ‘Default Page Template’ setting, then you either need to look around in your theme’s template files, search for it and add it there. If you have a page.php file in your theme, then that would be your best bet.

    In this case it is also recommended to use a child theme, so that your settings don’t get lost with a theme update.

    Let me know if this helps you move forward.

    So, first I tried adding it to the template I am currently using: Default Page Template (page.php) – no luck.

    And then I changed the template file I’m using to the Default Events Template (default-events.php) – still no luck.

    I also received another suggestion from a different dev in a different section of the support forum:

    The Community Events form is actually not a regular WordPress post or archive page; it’s a WP Router “page”.

    tribe_events_community_form might be the action hook you’re looking for. I found it in the render() method inside /wp-content/plugins/the-events-calendar-community-events/src/Tribe/Event_Form.php

    Please let me know how this goes for you.

    I tried placing it where I understood was suggested—as seen in attached screenshot—but that failed as well.

    Does this offer any useful clues? Should I provide you the full code found with Event_Form.php?