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  • Here is a bit of code that can be used to target specific tinyMCE edtors that I’ve used to detect changes in an editor in order to trigger other events. I don’t know if this will help anyone or not.

      // add an action to a wysiwyg field
      // this function will fire every time a tinyMCE editor is initialized
      tinyMCE.on('addEditor', function(e) {
        // this makes sure it is an acf editor
        if (typeof(e.editor) == 'undefined' || !^acf-editor/)) {
          // not an acf wysiwyg field
        // get the text area of the acf field matching the id
        // and make sure that the field key matches the one we want
        // to add the action to
        var $field_key = $('#''.acf-field').data('key');
        // see if it is the field key of the field we want to deal with
        if ($field_key != 'field_58923ed03766b') {
          // not our field
        // this is the bit that adds a tigger on the input of the editor
        var object = $('#';
        e.editor.on('input', function(ed) {
          // trigger the action we want to act on
      }); // end tinyMCE.on
    }); // end ready function