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  • ACF uses standard WP hooks to add fields to known forms. The problem is that the front end forms for the other plugin are not known forms and probably does not use standard WP hooks for allowing the addition of extra fields.

    None of the built in location rules are going to help you.

    In order to do this, the first thing you need to figure out is if the other plugin provides hooks that allow you to make changes and add fields. If it does then you need to add an action/filter for their hook and use acf_form() to insert the ACF form inside of their form (set ‘form’ to false).

    If they do not provide a hook that lets you add additional fields then you need to edit the code of the plugin where it shows the form to include the acf_form() call. This would not be a good idea to do though as you’ll need to re-code it every time the plugin is updated.

    Most plugins offer a way to make changes so I’d ask the other plugin’s devs or look at their documentation before making making changes to their code.